The Feast I Found When I Searched For Female Orgasm Video

I think one of the hottest things ever is watching a woman have an orgasm. I love all the little ways a woman’s body moves – all the little twitches, the shudders, the writhing, her heavy breathing. I love watching what her face does – the way her eyes roll back in her head, and she looses control over her facial expressions. Watching a woman lose herself completely to pleasure is the hottest thing. I really love a good female orgasm video.

This is what led me to plugging female orgasm video into my search engine. I love a good female orgasm video – it is usually my favorite pornography search. This time, however, I stumbled into a female orgasm video page that was more of an educational platform. There was a man who demonstrated on real women, and he taught about giving women pleasure while giving women pleasure live. I was thrilled. It was the best female orgasm video search to date! The realness of the scenario just made it that much more of a turn on to watch.

The course I found with the female orgasm video search was called “The Best She Ever Had.” It was created to teach partners how to pleasure women exceptionally well. There was an ever-increasing list of videos in this course. Apparently the guy who creates them continues to add new videos to the course over time, the more women he meets who don’t mind being filmed while receiving an erotic massage. Basically, these women are comfortable being filmed while they are having an orgasm.

I was really excited to watch it. There were a few basic erotic massage videos, breast massage, clit-focused massage, g-spot massage, and anal massage. There were also videos that included toys, and demonstrating playing with penetration. There were even a few fantasy scenes that included some spanking. I was mainly just excited to watch the build up of all of these orgasms. The fact that I was going to learn some skills while watching was just a bonus.

I decided to start with watching the most basic erotic massage video. I settled in, ready to be turned on while watching a woman stimulated to orgasm. The man in the video had a woman remove her clothes and lie face down on a massage table. He started out by giving her touch all over her body. He used long, slow stroking motions from her head to her feet, explaining that he was waking up the pleasure sensors in her whole body, activating the connection to her pussy throughout her body.

As he gave her the full body rub, he talked about the importance of allowing her to fully relax. Apparently, a woman can have a much more intense orgasm when she is able to relax completely. I had no idea how important this was. I watched the woman sort of melt into the table as the depth of her breathing increased.

That was when he started to tease her. As he continued to stroke her body, he would occasionally dip his hands down along her sides, softly stroking the sides of her breasts and her waist. He would dip his hands down between her thighs, bringing his touch closer to her sex. He trailed his fingers along the skin between her butt cheeks. The woman began to occasionally twitch under his touch, and her breathing picked up a bit. I could tell the amount of pleasure she was experiencing was increasing with each little tease.

He moved down to tease her feet a bit, stimulating between her toes, and finding the spots in her feet that sent a little zing into her pussy. He would occasionally slide his hands up her legs, along the inside of her thighs, bringing his fingers to graze her labia and tickle her clit a bit. She was breathing more heavily and her body was writhing a bit on the table. This is the part where I really start to get turned on. I love when a woman’s body starts involuntarily begging for more pleasure.

Searching for a good female orgasm video?

At this point, he invited her to roll over on the table, and once again began giving her body long, slow strokes from head to toe. From down at her feet, he moved slowly with his touch up to her breasts. He started to very softly swirl his touch around the skin of her breasts, lightly grazing her nipples as he did so. He experimented with touching the different areas of her breasts – the sides, the undersides, lightly circling around her areola. When he made it to her nipples, he played with different ways of stroking, tweaking, and twisting her nipples, observing which touches seemed to give her the most pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her face as she enjoyed each touch.

While he played with her breasts, he would occasionally reach down with his other hand and tease her labia and her clit. At this point, I was fully turned on watching all of her body’s little responses to each touch. It was absolutely titillating to see the tiny twitches, the shudders, and the way her body writhed under his touch. Her body was unconsciously trying to reach for his touch, trying to get him to touch the places it wanted to be touched more than he was allowing them to be touched. He was holding her back from the edge, forcing her to wait for her orgasm, that was clearly going to be delicious – and he had barely stimulated her pussy thus far.

After giving her breasts ample attention, he finally settled down by her pelvis, ready to devote his full attention to her pussy. I was slowly stroking myself, while watching the woman’s face, full of anticipation and desire. He softly stroked her labia, finding all the little areas around her vaginal opening that brought her shivers of pleasure. At the same time, he grasped her clit through her labia, giving it stimulation by proximity. He wiggled his fingers gently around her hardened clit wrapped around with her labia.

His other finger found the opening to her vagina, and using plenty of lube, slowly began to penetrate her. One tiny little bit at a time, he explored the inner walls of her vagina, moving his finger in a circle and finding all of the sensitive spots. When his finger was deep enough, he found her g-spot and began applying slow, repetitive pressure on that area.

At this point, the woman was beginning to moan a bit as she let out her breath. Her hips were rocking back and forth on the table, trying to direct his touch to all the places she wanted him to touch. Her hips were driving his fingers into her g-spot and her clit, attempting to adjust the speed and pace of his touch, so she could bring herself over the edge. I could tell by looking at her face that the woman was completely in her body, lost to the sensations of pleasure that were travelling through her. She was well on her way to a powerful orgasm.

I could tell the moment when he finally decided it was time to drive her over her orgasmic edge. He increased the pressure and pace slightly from what he was doing before, just enough to give her the amount of stimulation her body was so clearly craving. He kept at it with a steady pace, and I watched as her breathing, her movement, her moans, everything increased. I increased the pace of my own stroking, excited about the idea of having an orgasm along with her.

I timed things perfectly, and as the woman on the table was screaming over her orgasmic edge, I had a delicious orgasm of my own, thrilled by the level of pleasure that was evident all over the woman’s body and in her face and voice. This was real, authentic pleasure. This was a huge turn on.

I went on to watch all of the other videos on all the other topics, and by the time I was finished, not only did I feel like I had discovered a treasure trove of authentic orgasms, I also felt like I learned an ENORMOUS amount about how to provide better pleasure to women. This was an extremely satisfying purchase, and one that I would recommend to anyone who loves to watch someone in the throes of real ecstasy.