The Video Series that Taught Me How To Finger a Woman

As a married man, I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to how to finger a woman. I thought I was good at providing pleasure, until one day my wife admitted to me that she had been over-inflating her response in order to coddle my ego. This was a crushing blow – I really had thought that I did a good job of bringing her pleasure. I truly felt disappointed to know that she had been misleading me to pad my ego. I wanted to make things right.

I wanted to surprise her by learning how to finger a woman on my own, so that I could show her my new skills without her seeing it coming. Obviously, I wasn’t going to learn with or practice on another woman, so I needed to find a solution for myself.

I took to the internet and researched how to finger a woman. My search led me to a video series on a website that was educational, and provided step-by-step instructions. A man was pleasuring women in the videos, while instructing at the same time. I decided to purchase the video series, and I’m so glad that I did. What I learned has been absolutely invaluable.

I watched the series, and observed what the man teaching did that was different from what I had been doing. I’m embarrassed to say, that in my ignorance, I was diving into my wife’s pussy with my fingers without properly turning her on first. No wonder she didn’t enjoy it much! I learned that when a woman is not already aroused, she really can’t feel much pleasure, even in her most pleasurable spots.

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One of the most valuable things I learned is the importance of helping her relax, and open her whole body to the sensations of pleasure that I wanted to provide for her. I didn’t know that women need time and patience to feel fully available and receptive to pleasure in their bodies.

Another really important pointer I learned was the importance of slow, gentle, and steady movement. In my ignorant state, I had thought that what gave my wife pleasure was the rapid pumping of my fingers up into her pussy. I’m embarrassed to say, I wasn’t even really certain of the location of her g-spot. In truth, I was really fumbling in there, and it’s rather silly that I was expecting that my wife would find it pleasurable.

The video series showed me everything I needed to know and understand about my wife’s anatomy, as well as gave me plenty of awareness and things to consider as I explored this pleasure approach with my wife. I especially appreciated learning how to watch for her body’s pleasure cues, so that I can tell when I am doing a good job of pleasuring her.

I watched the series several times, and felt like the instructor did a really good job of helping me understand how to tell if what I am doing is working, and what to watch for in my wife so that I know what to do more of, and what to do less of. He also talked about communicating with her, and making sure that she felt comfortable enough to share with me what was good and what wasn’t.

It was super helpful that the instructor was demonstrating on a real woman, so I could see the reactions he was describing in her, and it gave me a clearer idea of how to approach things with my wife. I felt kind of silly that I had remained ignorant of how to finger a woman for so long – I had truly been doing it wrong for so long!

When I felt like I had a pretty good handle on the technique, I set up a special dinner surprise for my wife – I wanted her to feel seduced before I even tried to touch her. I made her favorite foods, and lit a candle on the table to signal to her that I was making an effort that was out of the ordinary. I wanted her to know that this evening was going to be special.

My wife was touched, and after we had our food, we were cuddling together and I let her know that I had learned a new pleasure technique that I was really excited to experiment with, and I asked if she felt like she could trust me to try some new things in the bedroom with her. My wife had a glimmer of excitement in her eyes when she agreed.

I asked her if she would prefer to take off her clothes, or if she wanted me to help her. She decided she wanted me to undress her, so I slowly helped her remove her shirt and her pants, and then her underwear. I invited her to lay down on the bed on her stomach.

One of the things that the videos taught me was the importance of helping a woman to relax in order to maximize her experience of pleasure, so I used some oil and I gave her a bit of a back massage for a few minutes, including her neck and her hips. Then I dragged my hands along her skin lightly in long, sweeping movements from her head to her toes. I noticed her breathing slowed a bit and she sighed a couple times. Those were good signs that she was relaxing.

When I was confident she was relaxed, I started to tease her a bit by sweeping my hands closer to her pussy and along the sides of her breasts. Her breathing picked up a bit as I dipped my fingers between her legs and very lightly traced them along her labia, and giving her clit a little tingle.

This is when I decided to pull each of her legs wider, opening her up to my view, giving her pussy and ass contact with the air. Her body began to writhe and wriggle a bit, and I could tell she was both excited, and a little uncomfortable in her anticipation while she waited to see what I was going to do.

I went back to massaging her ass checks, giving her a deep tissue rub and rubbing up into her low back. She moaned softly as I would occasionally dip my fingers down along her pussy, and along the sensitive skin in her ass crack. I could tell she was getting really turned on – I could see her pussy getting juicier and her breathing and heart rate sped up. She was already hoping I would give her an orgasm, but I had even really gotten started yet.

I invited her to roll over onto her back, and I slowed things down by diverting my attention to her breasts for a little while. I slowly stroked all around her beautiful breasts, and gently tweaked her nipples, sending little lightning bolts of pleasure from her breasts down to her clit. I occasionally reached down and stroked her labia and lightly tickled her clit while tweaking her nipples.

At this point, I could tell that my wife was extremely turned on and really wanting me to give her an orgasm. I allowed my hands to wander down to her pussy, and got ready for the main event. I remembered what I had learned about keeping the pace slow, and not giving her too much sensation at once. As I slowly let my hands wander over her labia and her clit, I enjoyed watching the way my wife’s body with twitch and jolt with pleasure. Her hips bucked, and she started moaning, the more my fingers found the pleasure spots around her pussy.

My fingers found her vaginal opening, and I slowly eased my finger inside her love hole, a little bit at a time. When I found her g-spot, I slowly pumped my finger up against it, in time with the strokes I was giving her clit. My wife moaned loudly and her body writhed in front of me, and I could feel her pleasure energy growing in her body. I was so turned on, watching her losing her mind while receiving pleasure from me. The difference in her response was enormous, compared to how she used to respond before I watched the videos on how to finger her.

I stayed with my wife’s pleasure as she got close to a massive climax. I kept pumping her pussy with pleasure steadily until she had a huge orgasm that reverberated throughout her body. She was so grateful for the difference in her experience that she cried. It was incredibly gratifying to know that I had given her such a delicious experience. I felt so proud for having taken the time to learn, and I’m so glad I purchased that video series!