How To Increase Libido in Women with Yoni Massage

I love learning new ways to give my wife pleasure, and recently I became very interested in learning about how to increase libido in women, hoping to get my wife more interested in receiving pleasure more often.

My wife liked sex, but recently it had become more difficult to draw her interest in it, and I was really wanting to revive the energy in the bedroom. I love the novelty of trying new things with her sexually, and I was really hoping to encourage her more in the direction of wanting naughty time more often.

I was doing a deep research dive on the internet in how to increase libido for women when I discovered the existence of yoni massage.

Apparently, yoni massage can help increase a woman’s desire for sex, as well as helping to increase her overall ability to experience pleasure. A yoni massage therapy practice, especially if revisited overtime, can help a woman establish a brand new relationship with her body, and her own pleasure.

I started searching for some resources I could trust. I wanted to see real pleasure, with instruction in real time. I wanted to know exactly what to look for in a woman’s pleasure responses and which moves to make to be most effective. I wanted realness, and something I could trust.

I wanted to find a video course that would not only teach me all about yoni massage, but would show me lots of real demonstrations of real pleasure with real women, so I could learn how to tell how much pleasure my wife was really having.

I was in luck! I found a video course online called “The Best She Ever Had.” This course promised a wide variety of education, but what I was most looking forward to were the videos that demonstrated a basic erotic massage for women. These videos promised a long, slow breakdown of how to give a woman incredible pleasure. I was going to get to see several women having real pleasure responses, and I was finally going to get the instruction that I needed so I could have a better idea of what I’m doing when it comes to how to increase libido for women.

How I learned how to increase libido in women through yoni massage:

There was a wide variety of other videos as well, so I could go deeper into my pleasure education if I desired. There were videos about breast massage, clit massage, g-spot massage, and even anal massage. There were videos about penetration and even double penetration. There were videos that covered intercourse, as well. By the end of viewing this course, I was going to be much better equipped as a lover.

Since learning how to increase libido for women was my number one goal, I purchased the course and decided to start by viewing one of the basic erotic massages. I wanted the slowest and simplest breakdown so that I could follow along and recreate what I watched later on with a woman. It was especially thrilling knowing that the woman receiving pleasure was not an actress, but just a woman who had consented to being filmed while receiving pleasure. I felt like I could really trust what I was watching, that it was definitely real.

I set myself up with my first video, and got comfortable with my laptop in my bedroom. I wanted privacy in case I got excited while watching and wanted to pleasure myself while watching the woman receive pleasure.

The video began with the woman lying naked face down on a massage table. The instructor explained the importance of allowing a woman to fully relax when you plan to give her pleasure. Apparently, there is a nerve that activates in her pelvis when she is relaxed that activates all of the pleasure receptors throughout her body, effectively turning all of her skin into a giant pleasure receptor. The instructor gave her long, slow, relaxing strokes along the length of her body, giving her a light back and shoulder rub, and massaging her hips a bit.

Once the woman was fully relaxed, her body sinking into the table and her breathing deeper and slower, he began describing and demonstrating how he began to tease her. Mixed in with the long, slow massage, he would lightly run his hands down along her sides, tickling the sides of her breasts. He softly dragged his fingers along the crease of her inner thighs, just lightly brushing her labia.

He moved down by her feet and pulled her feet and pulled her feet wide apart, then spent some time rubbing her feet. He talked about how there were direct connections in her feet that extended up into her clit. As he dragged his fingers slowly between her toes, her body convulsed as little shocks of pleasure traveled up into her pussy. Her hips rocked slightly on the table, and her breathing picked up significantly.

He moved back up to her hips and began massaging her ass with gusto. He gently teased her around her butt crack, and dipped his fingers softly between her legs. He pointed out all the little ways her body was showing how much she was into things, and at the same time, he talked about how much what he was doing was calculated to make her wait longer for her orgasmic satisfaction.

This was total news to me. I had no idea how effective it was to drag out the process and just give her small amounts of pleasure over time. Already, I could see that what I had been doing before was creating way too much friction, and was causing the women to lose their sensation. What I was doing before was actually making it harder for the women to have an orgasm.

The instructor invited the woman to roll over onto her back, and once again he pulled her legs open wide, exposing her pussy to the cool air and to my view. He then moved his rubbing up her legs and settled himself up by her breasts. He softly caressed them, swirling his hands gently around the skin of their sides and undersides. He tweaked each of her nipples gently, twisting lightly and experimenting with different strokes. He occasionally reached down to play with her clit a little bit, and each time he did her body shuddered significantly. It was so clear that her pleasure was real.

The instructor finally decided it was time to bring his focus down to her pussy, so he could help her have an orgasm. He demonstrated a variety of ways to stimulate her clit, her labia, her vaginal opening, and her g-spot. I found it incredibly erotic watching the woman writhing on the table, breathing hard, and letting out little moans the closer she got to orgasm. He found a steady rhythm and followed the cues of her body and her moans until she rocketed into a powerful orgasm. Her whole body shook and convulsed, and she moaned loudly as she came.

There was no question, what I had just watched was so different from what I had been floundering about with before educating myself. There were so many things I had been doing wrong, including not knowing how to read a woman’s body’s responses to pleasure. I had been using far too much pressure, far too much friction. I basically had been making it impossible for a woman to relax into pleasure.

I am now equipped with plenty of education when it comes to how to increase libido for women. I’m really excited to practice with my wife and show off my new skills. This video course is incredibly thorough, and taught me so much.

Yoni massage appears to be a topic one can spend a lot of time delving into, as there is a lot to learn from a practice that has been around for centuries, if not millennia. I was so happy to learn that there was a tried and true method out there for how to increase libido in women.

This practice made a huge difference in my relationship with my wife. Our time in the bedroom has gotten so much more exciting, and she is interested in doing things sexually so much more often than she was before. This method for how to increase libido in women definitely worked for us.