Yoni Massage – The Art of Massage Seduction

I wanted to learn how to give my wife more pleasure, and I know how much she loves to receive massage, so I spent some time looking into the art of massage seduction. What I very quickly discovered was the world of yoni massage.

Why is massage seduction so effective?

When a woman is able to relax fully, her pelvic nerve becomes activated and her ability to experience pleasure is amplified significantly. To feel pleasure, a woman needs to be able to feel safe. To feel safe, a woman needs to be able to feel relaxed. Loving, tender, non-sexual touch is a wonderful way to help a woman relax completely, which can then lead to massage seduction.

I learned that it is important to take the time to help a woman relax completely if you want her to be able to experience the full depth of pleasure she has the capacity to experience.

I wanted to take a massage class, and learn a bit about muscle anatomy so that I could be sure that I was doing good things for my wife’s body. I wanted to get really good at helping her relax, so that I could then get really good at massage seduction.

As I was perusing the internet looking for more information on massage seduction, I discovered the existence of yoni massage.

Apparently, yoni massage has a very long history, and there are even programs where people study in person in Asia! It is a practice dedicated to women’s pleasure, and it is also a healing practice. The healing aspect relates to sexual trauma. A lot of women have difficulty experiencing pleasure during sex if they have had bad experiences sexually in the past. The reason why yoni massage is healing in this case, is because women have an opportunity to be completely in control when it comes to what they desire to experience with a male practitioner, and what they do not want to experience. The practice is entirely dedicated to her pleasure, and does not focus on him at all. There is zero pressure on her as a woman to reciprocate, so she can fully relax into a state of receptivity to pleasure that she may not be able to achieve in other contexts with men.

I absolutely loved the idea of helping my wife heal her ability to experience pleasure. I loved the idea that my touch could be a healing balm, that it could help restore the many connections throughout her body that help her experience more intense levels of pleasure. I loved that my loving touch could help repair her associations with men from her past, and help her move into a new experience with receiving pleasure from men.

I learned that there are a surprising number of people out there already offering this practice with women. It seemed that the motivation of helping women heal was deeply important to a lot of people. It was so cool to learn that there is sort of an underground movement happening that focuses on women’s pleasure. The more women feel safe to experience pleasure, the more women can be in touch with their personal power as they move about the world. What a beautiful sentiment!

I found a local yoni massage therapist and set up an appointment for my wife, after talking with her about it some. I explained that I wanted to learn how massage seduction was done.

After some discussion of boundaries and expectations with my wife, the yoni massage therapist had her lie nude face down on a massage table. He began massaging her body using long, slow strokes, from head to toe. He explained how important it is to give a woman plenty of time to relax so that her pelvic nerve can become activated. When this nerve is activated, her entire body becomes much more receptive to pleasure.

After spending some time rubbing her body down, he pointed out how much her body had relaxed, how her breathing had slowed, and the way her body was sort of melting into the table. This is when he explained it is a good idea to begin teasing, to take her from full relaxation to excitement. As he massaged, he pulled his hands along the sides of her waist and the sides of her breasts. As he dragged his hands along her legs, he dipped his fingers in between her legs, along the crease of her inner thighs.

As she started to get a bit more excited, he took a break from the teasing and focused on giving her some concentrated pleasure by playing with her hair and massaging her scalp. Her body relaxed again, and he went back to teasing her intimate places again, dragging his fingers along the sensitive skin in her butt crack and along her inner thighs.

As she got excited again, her body beginning to writhe a bit on the table and her breathing becoming rapid, he decided to back off on the intensity again by moving to her feet for a while. He gave her a thorough foot rub, paying particular attention to the spaces between her toes. I could tell, as he sensually rubbed the skin between her toes, that there were direct connections to her pleasure centers in her pussy.

He went back to rubbing her full body, and teasing her sensitive places. He dipped his fingers in all the sensitive spots between her legs, until her hips were rocking on the table, and she was letting out soft moans.

When she was just getting excited enough, he asked her to roll over onto her back. He then rubbed the full length of her body again, lulling her into a relaxed state. He rubbed down the front of her legs, then pulled her legs open wider, exposing her pussy to the fresh air.

He rubbed up her body, and then settled around her breasts for a while, caressing the skin on the outside and underneath her breasts, and then stroking and tweaking her nipples for a while. As he paid steady attention to her breasts, he occasionally reached down to grasp at her clit through her labia, giving her some nice indirect contact on her most sensitive spot.

When her hips were thrusting, her body was writhing, and moans were escaping her mouth, he decided to settle himself down by her hips and give her the attention she needed to have a full orgasm. With one hand, he focused on stimulating her clit, and with his other hand, he very slowly explored her vaginal opening. He slathered lubricant on her, and explored the entrance to her vagina a little bit at a time.

I found it incredibly erotic to be watching my wife in the throes of pleasure at the hands of another man, especially when I was learning so many incredibly potent ways to stimulate her through this experience. I definitely felt like I was receiving the experience I desired, as she was clearly enjoying an experience she didn’t know she desired.

One of his hands slowly and steadily grasped and pinched her clit, wiggling it between his fingers. He softly pumped it in time with what his other hand was doing around her vagina. Rhythmically, he slowly pumped his finger in and out of her vaginal opening, after spending significant time letting her get used to the feel of his finger down there. He stimulated different areas of her vaginal walls, looking for her most sensitive places. Her hips rocked against his hands, putting pressure where she wanted it, trying to drive herself to orgasm.

I was utterly enthralled, watching her pure expression of desire and pleasure, imagining giving the same level of pleasure to my wife myself, looking forward to the time when I would practice this technique with her. It was incredibly erotic, watching my wife getting ready to have a massive climax, and thinking about playing with my wife until she had the same with me. I couldn’t wait to practice with her.

My wife’s body writhed, her hips rocked, and she moaned loudly as she had an explosive orgasm. It radiated from her head to her toes, bringing a feeling of intense satisfaction throughout her body. Watching her thighs quake, and her eyes roll back in her head, it was intensely erotic to watch her satisfaction.

I was beyond excited to try what I learned about massage seduction at home with my wife. I couldn’t wait to get her feedback on the various techniques, and to learn which parts of her body elicited the greatest pleasure response. I knew she would be really stoked to learn that I had some new techniques in my skill set. She is always enthusiastic about trying new things in the bedroom.