The Video Course with the Best Sex Tips for Men on the Internet

I never really got raving reviews from women for my exploits in the bedroom. It always seemed like what I did was only slightly satisfactory. I experienced a lot of times in relationship when women would sort of close down and not be that interested in intimacy. The sexual exchange between us would become a bit transactional – it wasn’t all that fun to take part in. I really needed some great sex tips for men.

I never really understood what it was that would make the women I was in relationship with grow so distant. It often led to conflict between us, and eventually separation. Since I haven’t heard much that is positive, I assume that the problem might be that I don’t exactly know how to give a woman what she wants or needs in the bedroom.

I decided I needed to research sex tips for men. I figured if I added some skills to my took kit, I would have a much better chance of satisfying a woman in the bedroom. I was particularly looking for sex tips for men that were focused on providing real and intense pleasure for women. I wasn’t so worried about what I was getting out of an intimate exchange, that part was easy. I wanted to make sure to learn how to make sure that she was having a great time, too.

I didn’t want to be a disappointment in the bedroom anymore. I wanted to feel completely confident and sure of myself, so that I could be totally present with a woman in the bedroom, and focused on her experience. I figured that the more I could focus on a woman’s experience, the more I could extend my own enjoyment in the bedroom, and put off my own orgasm. That part was usually a given – and I wanted to be sure that what I was doing was actually pleasurable for a woman.

I took to the internet to search for sex tips for men, and I found a course called “The Best She Ever Had.” It promised to teach a wide range of creative pleasure techniques. The foundation of the course was the basic erotic massage, or yoni massage. This was a full body massage focused on relaxation, and then culminating in a pussy massage. As I was perusing the site, I learned that this form of massage is actually a very old practice that can be quite healing for women.

Searching for videos with sex tips for men?

Diving into an article about erotic massage for women, when seeking sex tips for men, I discovered that this type of massage has been practiced for centuries, and was actually something one could study in some Asian countries. I learned that a lot of women are sexually shut down due to trauma in the their past sexual history. Apparently, when a woman has a negative experience with a man in bed, her body can hold onto the memory and create an unconscious block that keeps her from feeling safe enough to experience pleasure in future connections.

This was a huge eye-opener for me. It made me realize that it was likely that a number of the women I had had intimate interactions with had blocks around their pleasure due to bad experiences in the past. The fact that I hadn’t been aware of that or sensitive to it meant that we never really had a chance to become fully intimately connected. So much of what I had experienced suddenly made sense.

So I guess the reason why this kind of massage is healing for women is because it creates a safe space for her to fully relax and to practice leaning into trust with a man while he is touching her. It can be an opportunity to release trauma stored in the body from the past, and to have a new experience of intimacy with a masculine partner. I was really intrigued by the possibility of offering this kind of intimate container to a woman. It would be beautiful to help her have a new experience with pleasure. I became so intrigued while perusing these sex tips for men that I started to feel like maybe this was a practice I wanted to pursue on a much deeper level. Apparently, there are people who offer this as a service to women, and I could see myself doing the same.

This video course had a lot more to it that fell under the umbrella of sex tips for men. There were several videos that just focused on the basic erotic massage, and there were also a variety of other pleasure techniques featured in videos. There were live demonstrations on real women of every technique. I was excited to watch an instructor demonstrating in real time, and explaining what he was doing as he was doing it.

I looked through the long list of video topics. There were videos that focused on breast massage, clit massage, g-spot massage. There were videos focused on anal massage and anal penetration. There was even a video focused on double penetration. There were videos about intercourse, as well. I was excited for the well of information I was about to absorb.

I purchased the course and I set myself up to watch one of the basic erotic massage videos. My focus was sex tips for men, and I wanted to create a foundation for myself that I could build on with the other videos. I figured if I learned the basics, it would be easier to move into the other things.

In the first video I watched, the instructor began by explaining just how important it is to help a woman fully relax when you want to provide pleasure for her. He used long, slow, gentle strokes along her whole body, describing how she has a nerve in her pelvis that, when activated, will turn all of the pleasure receptors on in her skin, effectively turning her whole body into a giant pleasure organ.

He then moved on to describe how he combines relaxing massage with teasing touches, to begin to build up pleasure energy in her body. He kept massaging her, and would occasionally dip his hands along the sides of her breasts, or bring his touch along the crease of her inner thighs, coming close to touching her pussy, but not quite.

Then, he demonstrated a move that drives up the pleasure tension significantly for women. He pulled her legs open wider on the table, exposing her pussy and ass to his view. He took his time teasing around her pussy and her ass, and then took a break to play with her hair and gently rub her scalp. He teased her ass and pussy a bit more, and then went down to her feet to rub her sensitive places beneath her feet and between her toes.

It was exciting to watch the woman get more and more turned on by his touch. I was amazed by the amount of time he had spent pleasuring her at this point. It was already like three times as long as any total time I had spent giving a woman pleasure, which was super eye-opening to me. I couldn’t believe the amount of time that a woman needed to really intensely feel her pleasure.

The instructor asked the woman to flip over onto her back, and once again he pulled her feet open wide. He moved up to her breasts to pay some attention to them, caressing the skin along the undersides, softly tickling the skin of her nipples, tweaking them until the point of hardening. As her body responded to this touch, he reached down with his other hand to lightly pinch and tickle her clit.

Finally, he decided she was ready for him to focus entirely on her pussy, and with both hands, he grasped and wiggled her clit between his fingers, and explored the outside of her vaginal opening. Even though she was very wet due to her turn-on, he added extra lubrication to make sure everything was slick and smooth under his touch.

He dipped his finger slowly inside of her, and described how he found her g-spot. He found a rhythm that her body liked on her clit and her g-spot and he followed her body’s cues until she rocketed into a huge orgasm. It looked different than any orgasm I thought I had given a woman in the past. It was very real.

I continued watching the rest of the course and I learned enough good sex tips for men to feel like a much more confident lover. I felt like I knew what to do to give a woman’s body real pleasure. I was no longer worried about looking like I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m excited to explore my new skills with a new woman.