The Online Video Course That Taught Me How To Have Anal Sex

I always had a special curiosity about anal sex. Anything with anal sex in it was always my preferred viewing material when I was giving myself pleasure. I ended up dating a fair amount of women who were not into the idea though, so I never got an opportunity to try it. It wasn’t until I got married that my wife revealed to me that she was interested in trying it for the first time.

When my wife told me that she was interested in trying, I got really excited about it. I wanted to do my research and make sure I was going about it the right way, because the truth was, I really didn’t know how to have anal sex.

My wife asked me to find some resources on how to have anal sex, so I took to the web to do a search. When I looked up how to have anal sex, I found a video course called “The Best She Ever Had” that promised to teach about a wide range of pleasure techniques, including how to have anal sex. There was also a video on anal massage that I was excited to watch. I figured it would make a great warm up to anal sex.

Looking for a video course to teach you how to have anal sex?

I showed my wife what I found, and she approved, so we decided to buy the course and watch the videos together. I asked her if she would be comfortable watching and following along, and she said she would. I was super excited about this idea.

We got ourselves set up in the bedroom and decided to watch the anal massage video before we watched the one about how to have anal sex. My wife stretched out naked on the bed face down, and I started the video.

In the video, a woman was face down naked on a massage table, and the instructor was slowly stroking her body from head to foot. I followed suit and stroked my wife’s body, feeling her skin from her neck and shoulders, down to the bottoms of her feet. The instructor was explaining how important it is for a woman to be able to fully relax when she is receiving pleasure.

He rubbed her down for a little while, explaining the mechanisms of a woman’s pleasure in different parts of her body. He rubbed her feet for a little while, and played with her hair and massaged her scalp. I treated my wife to these same things. It was fun to watch her body melt into the bed a bit, and I could tell her breathing was slowing. It had been a while since I had treated her to a massage, and I had never played with her hair that way before.

The instructor in the video started to explain how he would begin to tease. He dipped his hands along the sides of her breasts and her waist. He slid his fingers down between her legs, tickling the outside of her labia. As I did this to my wife, she let out a little gasp and her body shuddered a bit. I took that to be a good sign.

The instructor spread the woman’s legs open wider on the table, so that he had a better view of her pussy and her ass. I did the same with my wife’s legs, and she moaned a little bit. I could tell the exposure was a big turn on for her.

The instructor spent some time pulling her butt cheeks open, explaining how just the stretch was exciting to feel and helped relax her anus a bit. He lightly dragged his fingers along the skin of her butt crack. Then he squirted some lube and very softly rubbed the wrinkled skin on the outside of her anus.

As I explored these areas on my wife’s ass, it was thrilling to watch her body react. Each tiny movement I made brought on a huge response in her body, so many tiny little spasms, the slower and more gently I went. Her pussy was getting juicy, too. It was exciting to watch.

The instructor was explaining how incrementally slow things need to be so that a woman can experience the maximum amount of pleasure. He spent a significant amount of time gently rubbing the outside of her anus, and then he very, very slowly began to push his finger inside. I did the same with my wife, and she was clearly still enjoying herself a lot.

A tiny little bit at a time, I pushed my lubed up finger inside her ass. I was only about a half inch inside after a few minutes of slowly sliding my finger around and easing it in. My wife’s hips bucked on the bed, and her body kept having little spasms. She begged me not to stop.

The instructor led me through very gently exploring the walls of the inside of her ass. He explained all the things to watch for and pay attention to, including making sure there was plenty of lube always. Eventually, he reached down and began to play with her clit with his other hand. The woman began to moan and wriggle on the table, clearly building toward a powerful orgasm.

As soon as I touched my wife’s clit, she started to rock her hips against my hand, driving my finger in deeper to her ass and rubbing herself up against my hand on her clit. It was incredibly hot watching her be completely taken over by the pleasure that I was giving her. Her body was on autopilot, desperate for the orgasm that was on it’s way.

As the instructor in the video found his rhythm with the woman he was working on, she rocketed into a huge orgasm, moaning loudly and shaking on the table. At the same time, I encouraged my wife over her edge, and she exploded into an orgasm of her own. With my finger in her ass and my other hand massaging her clit, it was so hot to feel her spasms all over my fingers, and feel her liquids squirting out of her pussy.

My wife was utterly satisfied. She was raving about how much she enjoyed the anal stimulation. She said it made her orgasm feel so much more powerful. Before I knew it, she was excitedly asking me if we could explore the video that shows how to have anal sex.

We dove into the next video, and followed much of the same routine to get her ready for penetration. Then came the part that I was most excited about, the part where I got to feel what it is like to be inside of her. Following along with the video, I lubed myself up and positioned myself to enter her ass. Very slowly, I pushed myself in, a little bit at a time, very slowly allowing her to get used to my size.

It took a little while for her to acclimate to having me inside of her, but as she got more comfortable, I slowly slid myself in and out, ever so slightly. I didn’t need to move much to give her a ton of sensation, and it took a good while to get to the point where I could thrust in and out at any significant pace.

But oh, buy the time we got there, she was so completely into what was happening, that she let me just let loose on her, which was one of the hottest experiences of my life. I loved the way her ass felt on my cock, so different from how her pussy feels. I pumped away at her until I couldn’t handle it anymore, and I came inside of her, which was also a huge turn on.

We ended up watching through the rest of the video course and we gained a ton of pleasure knowledge that we didn’t have before. We even ended up purchasing the other course, “The Best He’s Ever Had.” I’m a lucky man, and we have an incredible time in the bedroom.