How I Learned How To Make a Girl Orgasm

I’m one of those people who made it to college age without having much sexual experience. The truth was, as a freshman in college, I had no idea how to make a girl orgasm. It all seemed complicated and difficult, and I was always afraid of doing it the wrong way. I had no idea what it felt like to be touched there, so it was a mystery to me what women actually want in the bedroom.

I wanted to learn how to make a girl orgasm before I found myself in that position, because I was worried about getting humiliated. I didn’t want a woman to laugh at me or think there was something wrong with me. I wanted to feel prepared.

When I got on the internet to search for how to make a girl orgasm, I found a video series dedicated to women’s pleasure. It was a very thorough course that covered a wide range of pleasure topics for women. The most basic of which was a basic erotic massage that culminated in a powerful orgasm.

There were a number of basic erotic massage videos, with different women being pleasured to orgasm. There were videos that included anal play and breast massage. There were videos that demonstrated how to incorporate toys in the bedroom. There was a video on double penetration. There were even videos about intercourse.

Looking for videos about how to make a girl orgasm?

I decided to start by watching one of the basic erotic massage videos. The man demonstrated on a woman live, with her laying face down on a massage table. He started by massaging her whole body, using long strokes with his hands, gently waking up her skin. He taught how to tease her while massaging, waking up her sensitive places, like the sides of her breasts and her waist, and the insides of her thighs. He tickled and stroked her labia, and gently tickled her clit.

As the woman on the table got more excited, he asked her to turn over onto her back. He pulled her legs open wide, exposing her pussy to view. He then teased her feet a bit, and then bypassed her pussy to give some attention to her breasts.

It was a good while before he was ready to give focused attention to her pussy. When it was time, he grasped and pinched her clit in various ways, and stroked the length of her labia. With his other hand, he slowly explored the inside of her vagina, finding her g-spot and then rhythmically pumping against it until she had a powerful orgasm.

After the first video, I decided to watch the video about anal massage. I had always been curious about anal stimulation, myself, and I wanted to know the best ways to provide pleasure to a woman’s anal area.

This video started out much like the first, with a focus on getting the woman to relax fully on the table. The difference was that this time the woman stayed on her front side the whole time, so that the instructor could focus on her anal area. After much teasing and pleasure build-up, he settled in to focus on her anal area.

He softly stroked the sensitive skin in her butt crack, and very gently circled her anus, touching the ridges in the skin and causing all manner of spasms in the woman’s body. He applied a generous amount of lube, and then slowly began to apply pressure on the outside of her anus, dipping his finger inside millimeter by millimeter.

I could tell the woman was enjoying the touch immensely. Her body was writhing on the table, her hips rocking back and forth. She was pressed up against his hands, clearly trying to absorb more of his touch. She was eating it up.

He eased his finger in a couple inches deep, then slowly applied pressure around the inside walls of her anus. With his other hand, he reached down and began grasping at her clit. He slowly pumped his finger, very slowly, in and out of her anus, while massaging her clit. The woman rocked her hips back and forth on his hands, and moaned and groaned her way into an explosive orgasm. Having the multiple points of contact was clearly delicious for her.

After the anal video, I decided to watch a video about experimenting with toys. For this one, the instructor laid out a few toys he was experimenting with, and after getting the woman to completely relax, he started to tease and play with the toys. It was clearly very important to lubricate the toys, so he played around with a lot of lube.

There were vibrating toys and he talked about the importance of providing a variety of sensation and pressure with vibration. He talked about how it’s necessary to mix things up, to provide novelty in sensation and to avoid numbness or overstimulation. There was also a toy he used for penetration, and he showed how to approach penetration with toys very slowly, and how to provide thorough pleasure while doing so.

He ended the session with a vibrator on her clit and a toy pumping in her vagina against her g-spot. The woman massaged her own breasts while she rocked her hips up and down on the toys, pressing into him to get maximal stimulation. He turned the speed of the vibration all the way up, and she rode the toys into a huge climax.

Next, I wanted to watch the double penetration video. I had always had a fantasy of filling up a woman’s holes completely when having sex with her, and this was a really sexy fantasy. For this video, the woman was lying on a bolster, with her butt up in the air, so the instructor had access to both her anus and her pussy.

After a nice relaxing start to the session, he began to tease both her anus and her pussy at the same time. He applied a generous amount of lube, and then continued to tease her anus while he worked a toy into her pussy. Once he had the toy comfortably in her pussy, he started to work on her anus, first with his finger, and then with the toy.

After a very lengthy session of relaxing the woman and getting her comfortable, he finally had both toys inside of her. He very slowly eased them in and out of her, while tickling her clit with one hand. The woman was clearly so thoroughly enjoying all of the contact she was experiencing in various places on her body. Her body writhed on the table, her butt up in the air, and she moaned heavily while he pumped the toys in and out of her. She blasted into a massive orgasm, her whole body shaking while she came.

Having watched through a number of videos, I felt like I had a much better handle on what to think about and look for when providing pleasure for a woman. I understood the nonverbal cues her body gives when experiencing pleasure – what to look for so that I could follow the pleasure throughout her body and stoke it as I go.

I was really excited to make a plan with a woman and try out the new skills I had learned from these videos. I felt a lot more prepared to go into a situation like that with confidence. I was no longer worried about a woman laughing at me, or thinking that I had no idea what I was doing.

I now feel like I have a complete pleasure tool kit available to me to utilize when I find myself in the right situation. I no longer feel like I have no idea how to make a girl orgasm. Now, it seems relatively simple – just pay attention to her body and notice what she enjoys! I can’t wait until I get a chance to play around with my new skillset.