How Yoni Massage Saved My Marriage – Yoni Massage Everett Based

My husband was my high school sweetheart. We went from being inexperienced and somewhat sheltered teenagers to being young newlyweds. Both of us had been taught that we weren’t supposed to have sex until marriage, and we both were a bit anxious about getting to know each other that way. This is part of what eventually led us to search for a yoni massage Everett experience.

Well, in the beginning, it was terribly awkward! I think he just had ideas about what he thought he was supposed to do to a woman’s body, and he just tried to do those things, and I did NOT find them pleasurable. He would just try to stick himself inside of me, or he would roughly play with my pussy with his fingers, too dry. None of it felt good. None of it felt sexy.

I wasn’t good at communicating about it. I didn’t know how to tell him that his best efforts were terribly uncomfortable for me. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or make him feel like he was less than a man. So, unfortunately, I started to grow an aversion to intimacy with him. I would claim I was tired, or that I had a headache. I would make excuses for wanting to stay up late and read or watch TV so I could stay out of bed until he fell asleep.

My avoidance had a horrific affect on our emotional connection. The more I put him off and the harder I made him work to connect with me physically, the more frustrated he became. The more he resented connecting with me in more emotionally intimate ways, because he was not getting his needs met physically. We became more and more distant and unhappy.

I felt like a bad wife, and I felt like it was likely he felt like a bad husband. For a few years we existed with practically zero intimate touch. I froze him out, and we became deeply unhappy. I was pretty sure our marriage was going to come to an end. We tried couple’s therapy a couple times, but we couldn’t even talk about the sexual issues that lay between us. We just sat in the therapist’s office and talked about our problems and argued and blamed each other. We didn’t even get close to the topic of sex and physical intimacy.

I was feeling deeply discouraged, when one day I stumbled across a website about healing through yoni massage. I had never been exposed to such a concept before – the idea of an erotic massage for women, focused on healing a woman’s ability to receive pleasure. My experience with pleasure had been so limited that I was curious what was possible for me to experience for the first time. I started to fantasize about the experience of yoni massage.

I searched for yoni massage Everett based places and the website I found shared that not only was this service therapeutic for women’s pleasure, it was also potentially very therapeutic for a marriage. It was possible to engage in this service in order to learn how to create better intimacy within a marriage. The website explained that many couples had learned about yoni massage as a way to increase intimacy and pleasure in their marriage.

At first, I really doubted that my husband would be interested in exploring something that was all about my pleasure. He seemed so resentful of how much I had been withholding sex in our marriage, and I really didn’t think he would think it was a good idea to explore what would give me pleasure. I was really nervous to bring up the idea with him, and it took me a while to build up the courage.

I decided to just show him the website, as that was how I had discovered the concept. I asked him to sit down with me while I showed him this website I had found. He was willing to sit with me, so I chose to show him a video that showed a woman receiving yoni massage while her husband was in the room. It was a basic yoni massage, and at the end of the video the husband and wife both talked about the experience.

After watching and listening to the husband reflect on how much he had learned and how he had never seen his wife experiencing such physically intense pleasure, my husband showed clear signs that he was intrigued. I acknowledged how barren things had been in our intimate connection, and I asked him if he would like to consider making an appointment with the yoni massage practitioner who was local, and seeing what we might learn about pleasure together.

He shocked me by showing willingness, and even volunteered to reach out and make an appointment for us. It was the first time that I realized that my husband may have a bit of voyeur or cuckold in him. He seemed surprisingly excited to watch me receive pleasure at the hands of someone else.

So, before I knew it, we were signed up to go in for my first yoni massage. I think he was more excited and I was more nervous. And, if I’m being completely honest here, I was also excited. This felt like the fruition of a very naughty fantasy.

When we arrived for our appointment at the yoni practitioner’s office, he had us all sit down to discuss what we were about to engage in. We explained that I wanted to experience a basic yoni massage, and my husband wanted to watch and learn so he could practice the technique at home. The yoni massage practitioner asked me if there was anywhere on my body I wanted him to avoid touching, and I let him know that I was not really interested in being touched in my anal region, and that was the only place I didn’t feel comfortable receiving touch.

He invited me to remove my clothes and lie down on the massage table, and he asked my husband to sit in a chair near the table. I got comfortable on the table and my husband settled in, and the massage began.

The yoni massage practitioner started by massaging my whole body in long, gentle strokes. From my head to my toes, I could feel my skin beginning to wake up a bit. I relaxed into the table and my breathing slowed. It had been a while since I had been able to relax to that degree. And I was amazed I was able to feel so relaxed with my husband sitting in the room watching. I thought it would feel awkward, but it actually felt quite erotic.

After I was nice and relaxed, the yoni massage practitioner began to focus more on my lower half, sweeping his hands up my inner thighs, coming in teasingly close to my pussy lips, and down along my ass crack, dipping down and brushing against my pussy. I felt my desire and my turn on really begin to wake up.

He ran his hands along the sides of my waist, and the sides of my breasts. Then he ran his hands down each of my legs and he opened my feet wider on the table, exposing my pussy and ass to the open air. I knew now that both he and my husband could see everything. It all felt charged with eroticism to me.

The yoni massage practitioner ran his hands up along the insides of my thighs, each time bringing his strokes closer to my pussy. I could feel my hips begin moving slightly of their own accord – my body was attempting to bring his touch to where I really wanted it. My husband cleared his throat, and I could tell by the sound he made that he was painfully aware of my arousal. I could hear in his sound that he was longing to touch me when I was experiencing that much pleasure. The yoni massage practitioner had not even really directly touched my pussy yet, and I was already on fire.

This was the realization that made such a difference in my marriage. When My husband realized just how simple it was to help me relax, and to tease me into a level of turn on that had me begging for touch and release, it changed our entire marital dynamic. Suddenly, he saw getting me into this state as his mission.

As he watched the yoni massage practitioner work my body into a state of turn on that was so intense that I became overcome with waves of orgasm, he became hooked on learning how to recreate the scene.

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We ended up returning for several other sessions, the yoni massage practitioner demonstrating a few different techniques for giving me ample amounts of pleasure, and the change in our marriage and our intimate dynamic has been so profound.

I am now a woman who feels consistently sexually fulfilled, and he is the proud man who is responsible for that. The amount of appreciation I have for him has grown immensely, and I feel deeply cared for by him. Yoni massage helped us bring our connection to new depths. I’m so glad I searched for the yoni massage Everett based place.